Every year, trends change. Styles of fashion and interior design always have something new that attracts people’s eyes. Paint is no different. There are certain hues, colors, and combinations that attract people, and they change each year. 2021 is another year for new things. Here are the 2021 interior painting trends.

Interior Painting Trends

Bronze Tones

Bronze is a strong color that brings out a feeling of comfort in your home. It makes you feel like you’ve retreated from the world and can shut the world out. It evokes this feeling of sanctuary and reflection, which are never bad things for self-care. With retro styles coming back in clothing, bronze brings out a nostalgic feel from the ’70s and ’90s with the modern twist of grey undertones. 

Muted Magenta

A color like muted magenta gives a new meaning to comfort. It’s timeless and changes with the seasons outside. It’s like a glass of red wine for your walls. This color is perfect for an entire room or even just an accent piece. But it’s a great way to dip into a bold color palette and explore new ways to bring color into your home. 

Light Apricot Tones

Blush is a color that made appearances other times, but light apricot tones are the new blush this year. The warmth of the orange undertones makes it perfect for spring and summer. The slightest bit of pink and natural tones allow it to soak up all of the natural light from a bathroom or living room. 

Painting can be fun, but choosing the color could be the most challenging part. Contact America’s Painters Pro in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and Lewisville, Texas for help picking colors and painting in general. Our experts can discuss what’s right for your home. Be sure and follow us on Facebook for more information!