Planning the color palette you want for your home is very important and although it sounds like a complicated task, it is easier than you think! Don’t get overwhelmed, you just have to consider the combined effect along with a couple of basic knowledge to develop your own ideas. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake: the only thing that can happen is that you have to repaint a couple of walls!

The combination of colors can become a game; all you have to decide are the tones you want, thinking about the sensations you would like to convey and the activities that will take place in the room. Remember that some combinations can energize you, perfect for office or fun areas, while others can relax you, perfect for the bedroom or bathroom. Now you just have to worry about the main function of the room you want to change and color it to your liking!

Colors and personality of your home
Give color to every corner!

The decoration of the walls and the colors of the walls, the floor, or the textiles may seem like an adventure in which only experts could enter, but it is much simpler than you think! So take a chance, say good morning to the world of color combinations and get ready for a twist of color to your rooms. Try decorating your walls with IKEA vinyl.

Sometimes it is very difficult to discuss which colors combine best because personal taste has a very important role and is also subjective. You must take into account what effect colors create when combining them and what effect they have as a whole. Do you want a relaxing bath? Opt for the blues and whites! Better a study area where you let your creativity fly? Then better yellows and oranges!

If you are not sure of your ability to combine colors, you can start with a small project: change for example the textiles of one of your rooms (curtains, cushions, and covers) without changing the color of the walls and floor. This way you will be able to give it a new style in an easy way. Surely you will enjoy this first contact! For more information, contact America’s Painters Pro in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Lewisville, Texas.